Laptop repairs - battery

Laptop repairs - Laptop Battery - Prevention is better than the cure

Laptop and batteries are like people, eventually and inevitably, they die. Battery technology can be expected to improve a bit over time (there's plenty of financial incentive for more compact and longer lasting batteries), however, while interesting concepts and possibilities may pop up, don't expect major battery breakthroughs in the near future.
Although your battery will eventually die, proper care of it and your laptop use can put off the inevitable. Here's how to keep your laptop battery working for as long as possible. With luck, it may well last until you need to replace that ageing laptop
I've also included a few tips on keeping the battery going longer between charges, so you can work longer without AC power.
Don't Run your Battery Down to Empty
Despite what our battery monitor shows, many laptops probably will not allow you to set the critical battery level at 0%, you also shouldn't try to do this.
wringing every drop of juice out of a lithium-ion battery (the type used in today's laptops) strains and weakens the battery. letting this happen once or twice won't kill the battery, but the the long term effect of frequently emptying your battery will reduce its lifespan.
(As is usual, there is actually an exception to this rule, there are a circumstances where you should run down the battery all the way.)
Most modern laptops are designed to shut down before the battery is empty anyhow.
Vista and Windows 7 come with a setting for just this. If you have one of these operating systems, to see it, click Start, type power, and then select "Power Options". Select any one of the "Change plan" settings, select the "Change advanced power" settings link. In the dialogue box, scroll down to and expand the "Battery option". Then expand Critical battery level. The setting will more than likely be set about 5 percent, which is a good place to leave it.
XP has no such default setting, although your laptop may have a third party supplied tool that does the same job.
Keep your battery Cool
Heat can damage the battery, and can dramatically reduces its overall life.
When using your laptop, ensure the air vents are not blocked. Never work with the laptop on pillows or cushions. If possible, place it on a raised stand that will allow for plenty of unrestricted airflow.
Clean the air vents vents every so often with a can of compressed air. You can buy this at the Connect IT shop. Follow the directions on the can, do this only when the notebook is off or in hibernation mode.

Give your battery a Rest

If you're going to be working exclusively on mains power for a week or more, it is a good idea to remove the battery first. Otherwise, you'll be wearing out the battery, constantly charging and discharging it, during a period when you don't need to use it at all.
If you are experiencing reduced life on your laptop computer, bring it into us to get our expert opinion on the matter, if required we can supply you with a new battery.


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I thinks that at some time or other we have all had one form of computer or another "Break" on us, either for a software or a hardware problem.

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Connect IT in Poulton are computer and network repair specialists who have serving and helping the people in Fylde, Wyre and even Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester with their computer repairs for many years.
To help you with these problems and to identify possible solutions, we are going to be writing a blog that will give insight into the problems and possible preventative solutions that may be available.
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